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Every business has the right to take steps to protect its business. One of the primary ways of doing this is through noncompete agreements. Using a noncompete clause in contract is effective, but it is not necessarily perfect and often can lead to litigation.

At Duddlesten Law Group, PLLC, attorney Kevin Duddlesten has built a career representing both sides of employment law disputes. As he is licensed in Texas, Mississippi, Massachusetts and Arizona, his focus for these cases is national. He understands the limitations and laws around noncompetition agreements and can help defend you.

What Are The Limitations Of Noncompetition Agreements?

While every state has some slight differences in the limits of a noncompete agreement, there are a few commonalities. The following are common limitations on noncompete contracts:

  • Time: An agreement must only last for a reasonable time once the former employee leaves. If a person is prohibited from working in their chosen field permanently, that agreement may not be enforceable.
  • Geography: The area where a former employee cannot compete with you has limits. If they work in a place that does not interfere with the business, it can be hard to enforce such an agreement.
  • Scope: What actions are the former employee forbidden from using? Are they restrictive in the extreme? The agreement may not hold water in a courtroom if the restrictions go too far.

Working for both employers and employees offers Kevin a significant understanding of how these conversations and negotiations go. He is ready with strategies and contingencies to help guide his clients to a solution they can accept.

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Every one of Kevin Duddlesten’s clients gets his total attention from the beginning to the end of their case. He dedicates himself fully to listening to his clients and understanding their needs. Furthermore, as your lawyer he will make a point of staying in communication and being responsive to your needs.

Reach out to him at his Dallas office by calling 469-917-5784 or sending an email. He will meet with you to learn about your noncompetition agreement issues and help you build a plan to move forward.