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Taking On The Struggles Of Commercial Litigation

Businesses have unique problems that can be extremely costly. However, those problems – if left unchecked – can become more than just expensive. They can completely destabilize a company.

At Duddlesten Law Group, PLLC, attorney Kevin Duddlesten has built his career on consistent, dedicated legal representation to businesses. He’s a litigator with the skill and creativity to take on your company’s most complex issues. He will help you take back control and protect your livelihood and company.

More Than 25 Years Of Dedicated Service

Kevin Duddlesten has served as a lawyer to clients the nation, including Texas, Massachusetts, Arizona and Mississippi, offering insight and creativity in the face of their disputes. He represents clients in cases including:

  • Inter-business disputes: Tension between competitors can become extreme, and you may need to take steps to preserve your business against unfair marketing tactics.
  • Contract disputes: From breach of contract to nonperformance, contracts are the foundation of business dealings. Protecting your contracts is one way to protect your business.
  • Commercial real estate disputes: Commercial real estate is an important aspect of your company’s success. Whether you are renting space for your store or are a landlord, disputes are common and you deserve to protect your priorities.

Attorney Duddlesten is a skilled lawyer with extensive experience in negotiation, mediation and litigation. He is flexible enough to identify and pursue the optimal approach that will yield results for his clients.

Responsive. Creative. Dedicated.

When you need the insight and creativity of an attorney to resolve your legal issues, reach out to Duddlesten Law Group, PLLC. Kevin Duddlesten understands the challenges you face and helps you retain control throughout.

Reach out to the Dallas office of Duddlesten Law Group, PLLC, by calling 469-917-5784 or sending an email using this form.