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Getting Results In Difficult Matters

Employment law is one of the most straining types of law. For both business owners and employees, the uncertainty around the outcome can be highly distracting. Anyone entering an employment law dispute needs an attorney with the confidence to pursue strong results.

At Duddlesten Law Group, PLLC, attorney Kevin Duddlesten has built a career as a lawyer for people across the country dealing with employment law disputes. For employers, he offers detailed, experienced and professional representation, prioritizing efficiency and confidentiality. For employees, he offers to be their voice in an often-difficult legal issue or litigation matter.

Making A Difference For Businesses

For more than 25 years, Kevin Duddlesten has represented businesses in any employment law concern. He especially understands the unique needs of the transportation industry, small businesses, and car dealerships and can effectively represent them in court for employment law issues such as:

He is dedicated and thorough with each case he takes, reviewing the specific laws involved to ensure a proper defense of your business. He moves quickly to limit the damage and disruption these charges can cause.

Insight For Employees

Because he has so much experience defending against employee claims, he can bring his understanding to help employees. While it is always hard to pursue the protection of your rights at work, you can trust Kevin Duddlesten to take on your case and listen to you.

If you’re facing some form of employment law concern, from discrimination/harassment to wage and hour issues, Duddlesten Law Group, PLLC, can help you.

Creative. Thoughtful. Responsive.

Kevin makes a concerted effort to be highly responsive with his clients, returning calls on the same day, often within the hour. He moves fast to stay on top of the many changes that can happen in your case and knows that you deserve his total attention.

Reach out to the Dallas office of Duddlesten Law Group, PLLC, to schedule a meeting by phone at 469-917-5784 or use this online form.