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Admitted to practice in state and federal courts in Arizona, Massachusetts, Mississippi and Texas, Kevin Duddlesten is the attorney business owners, employers and aggrieved employees trust for resolving complicated litigation involving employment law matters, noncompete and unfair competition, and commercial disputes.

Texas Business And Commercial Litigation Attorney Serving Clients Throughout The Nation Since 1995

Seasoned Employment Law Counsel And Representation

Kevin has represented employers in all areas of labor and employment law for more than 25 years. He has helped employers and aggrieved employees successfully resolve disputes such as Title VII violations, harassment, retaliation, wage and hour claims, and wrongful termination.

He has a particular interest in both the prosecution and defense of violations of noncompetition agreements and other post-employment restrictive covenants. He is extremely experienced and highly-skilled in this rapidly evolving field of law.

Employment Law

Employment Law

Noncompete and Unfair Competition Litigation

Noncompete And Unfair Competition Litigation

Business and Commercial Litigation

Business And Commercial Litigation

On The Cutting Edge Of Noncompete And Unfair Competition Litigation

Is your noncompete agreement enforceable? Is it possible to preemptively address unfair competition issues? Are you conducting business in more than one state? Confidentiality agreements, severance and release agreements and other types of employment agreements are subject to continual refinements and updates in legislation and case law. When these issues arise in your business environment, you need an attorney immersed in the cutting-edge changes to keep your business at the helm of the competition.

Facing lawsuits and taking legal action on your own could lead to costly entanglements.

Speak with attorney Kevin Duddlesten for sound legal advocacy regarding violations and disputes in this intricate area law. Kevin has vast experience reviewing, defending and enforcing noncompete agreements and matters relating to unfair competition.

Kevin M. Duddlesten

Experience On Both Sides Of The Courtroom

Kevin Duddlesten has practiced in state and federal courtrooms throughout the nation for more than 25 years on the defense side. He has defended employers in all areas of labor and employment law so he knows how the other side will think and respond in disputes.

Kevin M. Duddlesten

Business And Commercial Litigation

Kevin Duddlesten has comprehensive knowledge of the processes of arbitration, mediation, negotiation and litigation. He has championed the causes for all types of businesses including those involving financial services, insurance agencies, crop insurance companies, risk management agencies, professionals, emerging information technology businesses, commercial real estate agents, managed service providers and many others.

When a business is suing a business, Kevin steps in to handle disputes that have a potential for full blown litigation.

Not every conflict is going to be subject to a courtroom trial, particularly in Texas where the courts frequently mandate mediation for many business and commercial disputes. It is imperative for business owners to understand their most efficient options by speaking with an experienced trial lawyer.

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